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Audio Event Management (AEM) software offers the means for securing, labeling/indexing and providing fast, accurate, state-of-the-art storage and access to massive amounts of recorded information.

AEM addresses the two fundamental needs for handling recorded information effectively. The ability to quickly label/index the audio data, either as it is being recorded or after the fact, and the ability to easily find and playback specific, important parts of the recorded sessions and any associated data. AEM currently has two products available.

The first, One AEM, is general purpose software program incorporating an advanced set of database, recording and playback features.

The second, TFL AEM, includes all the features of One AEM but has additional data columns, allowing you to add additional audio, images and rich text content to any audio data index points. Files created using TFL AEM can be password protected and distributed as proprietory files that may be played on a customized player or on the Study AEM demo player.

The Study AEM player software is free and serves to example some of the basic features available, using AEM software.

Convert audio files Record and add text voice notes Add text and media during playback
Full text search of audio and audio file notes Any number of audio file storage categories and topics Import audio files of virtually any type

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