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Frequently Asked Questions

Order Question : How can I order AEM?

You can Order an AEM Lisence Key by using our RegNow on-line Order form.
Order Question : What will happen after I place my order?

RegNow will confirm of your order and payment details and then advise AEMS of your purchase. We will then email you your unique Lisence Key file within 24 hours.
Order Question : Do you have resellers in my country?

Currently, we do not use any resellers. All orders are placed via the RegNow website.

Delivery Question : When will I receive the license key

Once we have confirmed receipt of payment the appName Registration Key will be sent (as an attachment) to your email address within 48 hours.

Delivery Question : What exactly will I receive if I order AEM

You will receive a AEM License Key file. This file is unique. Having received the AEM License Key you may then use it to update your Registration from within the AEM application.

Do I have to uninstall the previous version before I install the new version?

Yes. Newer versions of AEM may use updated controls that are not compatable with older (previously installed) versions. Note: New installations will reference the Default database and require you to use your Registartion Key file to fully enable the product.

How do I install AEM?

After un-installing the older version and re-booting, Double-click on the downloaded to launch the installation program, then follow the installation instructions.

How do I un-install AEM?

Make sure the program is not running before Uninstalling. If th program icon is visible in the Taskbar then right click on the program icon in the Taskbar and select Exit from the popup menu.

The most effective way to uninstall AEM is using the Windows Add/Remove Programs option. This method will remove all AEM files and clear any registry settings.

On the Start menu, select Settings, then Control Panel.
Double Click Add/Remove Programs.
Under the Install/Uninstall tab, select AEM.
Click Add/Remove.

Are there any additional costs associated with on-line support ?

No. All questions concerning AEM will be answered to the best of our abillity.

Can I use the data saved in AEM after the 30 Day Trial Period has expired?

Yes. All saved data can still be accessed, but no new records can be added.

What are limitations on the DEMO Version?

Yes. The Demo Version will run for 30 days and allow you do add upto 50 audio files to a single AEM database. Note: The Demo version does not allow you to delete added files.

Can I backup my data?

Yes. Just copy the Folder containing the AEM database and it's files, to a new location. Any AEM database can be selected by opening aplication Setup window and using the File Browser to select the new database.

Note: ( AEM only) Each database stores its' own Password, so if the Password has been set, you will be required to enter the Password before you can access the database.


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