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AEM Player and Recorder: Annotation Methods

User friendly annotation entry methods

All text annotations (Tags) and associated time value functionality, can be added using either the mouse or keyboard.

Hotkey Tag entry

For common annotations or repetitive indexing, Hotkeys provide the perfect answer. Hotkeys can added and edited during the recording or playback process.

Create your own Hotkey Lists

Create any number of Hotkey lists where specialized annotation text lists can be changed on-the-fly.

Dual Tag entry methods when recording

Because AEM allows you to Hold or freeze the Tag time value while typing, there are likely to be occasions where another Tag needs to be added before you have finished typing the first. AEM allows for this during recording by leaving the Hotkeys active and using the realtime value even when the time count is on Hold.

User Set Variable Tag time-line values.

Tags can be accurately synchronized to audio events. Because typing speed and/or the amount of information you need to enter varies, AEM allows you to adapt by allowing you to work with a combination of negatively adjusted time values and "Hold" time values. The Hold function 'freezing' the time value count until you finish typing in your text.


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