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AEM Player: Playback Modes

Play Range between Tags

Select any two Tags as playback Start and End points. Use this feature to isolate sections of audio that you need to evaluate further and/or export. The play range can also be set to Loop for voice or instrumental practice.

Play Selected Tags only

Play only a selected Tags. Use this feature to: Review the audio events assosciated with a specific Tag or note the audio context in which the Tag occures.

Play only a selected Word (or Name)

Play only Tags that contain a selected WORD. Perfect for transcribed text where important points of interest were not initially Tagged. Use this feature to: refresh your memory of audio events that are assosciated with the word, note the context in which a word is used or simply to evaluate the the sounds contained in the word.

Scan the entire file

Scan through audio files at set intervals to refresh your memory of the files contents or find a particular point of interest.


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