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One AEM is for people who require fast, accurate and secure access to audio files. One AEM will save you hours of frustration, searching through directories of audio files, all the while you trying to remember who said what and when or wheather a file contains critical content or not.
One AEM annotation features allow you to rapidly catalogue, index and verify audio content.
One AEM allows you to add rich content (additional audio, text and pictures) to any audio file index point.
No matter what your reasons for recording or storing audio, AEM will simplify the the process and allow you to rapidly catalogue, index and verify audio content; giving you what you need to know when you need it. Download our Trial version now

One AEM is for:


Wheather you use One AEM to record meetings, seminars, interviews or telephone conversations, AEM gives you the power to instantly access thousands of audio recordings, so you can rapidly verify and confirm your position.

Language Schools:

Use One AEM to keep permanent records of student speech abilities, enabling you to record and evaluate their progress and/or to identify areas where work is needed.


One AEM is ideal for recording lectures of seminars where important points can be immediately indexed and easily found for future review. AEM playback features also make AEM great for searching and/or reviewing audio content.


Personal protection:

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